Allied Layout Design Services

Allied Model Trains maintains a wonderful tradition of providing the very best in model railroading supplies from all corners of the globe.

Allied Model Trains also offers a full range of custom layout design services for the model train enthusiast. We work in all scales with high-quality design work. We can make any size custom layout for your model railroad empire.

We would be delighted to design and build a custom layout for you. We ask that you send us details about the room that will house the layout and any particular features you want in your layout .

We can also add scenery and fine detail items to provide you with the special layout you're looking for. Allied Model Trains welcomes any and all requests for price quotes, via email.

The pictures below are of a custom built 'O' scale layout recently done for a private club in downtown Los Angeles. All work was done off site and the finished project was then delivered and set up at the location. Click on a picture to see a larger image.